AriaTM Hybrid Valve

Made in the USA

Part No/Ref: CA300-HYV

The Aria Hybrid Valve is a reliable valve for all Elevated Vacuum applications. It features auto-expulsion with push button release and can be installed into ALL prosthetic socket materials either as a retro-fit or new installation. The Aria Hybrid Valve features a built in barb attachment (with internal check valve) for connection to any vacuum pump system.


  • Aria Vent Cap
  • CA200-S Aria Valve Spring (2pk)
  • CA-diaphragm Aria Valve Diaphragm (2pk)
  • CA200-AVPS Aria Valve Plus Vent Spool
  • Aria Hybrid Body
  • CA200-O Aria Valve O-Ring (2pk)
  • CA200-THM Aria Valve Threaded Housing (metric)

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